Learn to see opportunity in adversity, and you can overcome anything

Starting a business is like sailing a freshly built ship into the open sea. You start with a brilliant idea, a dream to conquer the horizon. Then come the architectural blueprint and countless engineering intricacies. Finally, one fine day you roll out your ship into the sea — and come the storms.

Just like no two storms at sea are alike, no one can exactly prepare us for the exact challenges of entrepreneurship. However, just like a captain has all kinds of strategies, helpers, and gear to weather the storm, so does a business owner.

To understand what kinds of…

Know thyself before you can lead others

Transformation is a big word. When we think of transformation in business, we also think in big images, like forces of nature. Business transformation is like a metaphorical earthquake that’s supposed to shake a company from head to toe and where colleagues, like the prophets of old, will suddenly come out renewed and with flames of burning inspiration above each other’s heads.

The reality of business transformation, however, is subtle and long-term. Like all change, it starts from the head of the company: either the entrepreneur(s) in charge, in the case of startups and smaller teams, or CEOs and senior…

If you can prove it, can you deduct it?

“A spoonful of tar spoils a barrel of honey,” goes the old proverb. For most entrepreneurs, if there’s one date on the calendar that spoils the sweet month of April, it’s Income Tax Day. Enter 2021, when Income Tax Day falls in the middle of a global pandemic, and things seem pretty sour.

Unlike last year, when taxpayers got a break until July 15th to file their taxes due to the storm of COVID, this year the IRS has been a lot less compliant. …

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

On May 5, 1809, a Connecticut woman named Mary Keis made history. She became the first female inventor to secure a patent in the United States for her invention of weaving straw with silk and thread, thus laying grounds for cost-effective manufacture and paving the way for women inventors in the nineteenth century.

Over two hundred years later, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, women may have no trouble getting a patent, but we are still fighting to make our voice heard in the male-dominated leadership arena. The ice is broken. …

Practical advice from entrepreneurs who’ve made it through 2020

Business and economic experts project the future of business after COVID will be a different place than ever before. Yet within this future, the question of growing your brand and scaling business remains as poignant as ever.

The past year has hit small businesses in the non-digital space the hardest. From your favorite bakery next door to an event planner you hired for your kid’s graduation party, to niche lifestyle brands, the economic crisis leaves countless small business owners gasping for ways to grow their brand and scale business in the short and longterm.

What can these businesses and marketers…

They “beat the odds”. So can you.

Entrepreneurship is in many ways, a mirror to life — you start with a blank page and a head full of ideas. How you fill that page will depend on a lot of inner characteristics— vision, patience, perseverance, empathy, stubbornness. Plus, one external thing— “a dash of luck”.

This elusive “luck” is in many ways, “uncomfortable” things like privilege, background, family, connections, etc. Often enough, “luck” is the collective term for the things we don’t talk about, the things we shush.

For Black entrepreneurs, the above kind of “luck” has been so minimal — or even nonexistent — that historically…

Always on the front lines of addressing privacy concerns, Apple is launching an important security update in spring 2021. The upcoming iOS 14.5 update is expected to completely change small business advertising via social media apps.

Already causing escalating conflict between Apple and Facebook, the privacy feature to be rolled out with iOS 14.5 may come as a shock to small business owners who have only limited time to prepare for the changes.

First expected to be released with the iOS 14.4 update, Apple’s new privacy feature is now set to release with iOS 14.5.

The business-controversial App Tracking Transparency…

Let’s talk solutions

remote work problems young mother
remote work problems young mother

“All you need is love”, the Beatles song goes. In a remote work context, we can well reframe that to “all you need is peace.” However, in the past year, many of us have seen the daily frustrations of working from home with families, kids, pets, roommates, and what-not pushing the limits of our patience.

In the unthought-of remote work scenario of 2020–21, we’ve seen that a productive work from home environment is a lot different than Pinterest would have it. But what are the most nagging culprits behind our burnout? What challenges, hopes, and struggles do U.S. remote workers…

From entrepreneurs who’ve done it

The chance to get equal education and benefits regardless of background and family privilege; owning an amazing vacation property in Tampa; doing what you love and getting a 6-figure salary for it…When we think of it, all those dreams boil down to the deepest and biggest of American dreams: becoming an entrepreneur.

If you’re over 50, it may feel like you’re late for the entrepreneurship party reserved for Millennials and GenZ. But there’s nothing further from the truth.

According to official statistics, 54% of America’s small business owners are over 50 years of age. …

Move over resolutions, hello skills

With all the turbulence having shaken entrepreneurs in 2020, it’s fair to say bidding the year goodbye topped our resolution lists. If only the past year’s challenges could drop down into oblivion with the ball on Times Square!

But for that to happen, as entrepreneurs we need to overpower our struggles with something greater.

To find out that superpower, at the close of the most challenging year in recent history I asked over 100 small business owners to name the kinds of skills that helped them survive 2020 and the ones they’re embracing for the year ahead.

Here are the…

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