4 Practices to Become a Transformational Business Leader Today

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1. Build emotional intelligence

The goal of using the Enneagram framework for leaders may be defined in paraphrasing the ancient Delphic maxim: Know thyself before you can lead others.

2. Help every employee identify their special talent

Transformational leaders are always on the lookout for a hidden skill, initiative, or growth opportunity for their team members. They approach each colleague not as easily replaceable parts but see each of their skills in telescopic view of how they can transform the company.

3. Address colleagues’ special needs

“Embracing flexibility” is something that comes naturally to a leader that is best defined as “compassionate”. Someone who sees people first, even in light of deadlines, struggling customers, and a future that’s still far from normal.

4. Redefine authority within your team

“Authority in horizontal leadership is based not on corporate status but on the team leader’s personal example.” — Peter Vlasov

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